When people think about CBD oil and its positive effects, they usually think about how it makes music sound amazing or food taste great. But that’s not all – cannabis and CBD oil has much to offer in the form of encouraging positive habits and behavior that make you a perfect catch for most relationships.

Following are some ways CBD oil can improve your relationship:

  • It Helps Relieve Stress and Tension in a Relationship

Real tension and stress usually start to bubble up after the honeymoon phase of most relationships, causing problems between partners. If these problems are not addressed, then it can lead to more issues down the road. The good news is, CBD oil helps relieve tension and stress. It is helpful in both committed as well as noncommittal relationships. While it doesn’t really make the problems go away, the CBD oil frees you up to process things in a more stress-free and open manner. After consuming cannabis, you are more thoughtful and relaxed. This can go a long way when it comes to discussing what’s causing tension and stress with partner.

  • It Makes You More Open Toward Your Partner

In a relationship, we are naturally inclined to judge people, holding them accountable to our own standards. This causes us to wall off other people. These barriers are never good for a relationship, even if its noncommittal. This is where CBD oil proves to be helpful. The psychoactive properties of cannabis tend to break down such barriers and allow you to be more open toward your partner. In today’s diverse world, being less judgmental and more open is critical to building relationships.

  • It Leads to More Adventures and Shared Activities

When you use cannabis, you are more inclined to try new things. Whether its exploring a new hiking trail or binge shopping everything in a local grocery store. When you are high, you are more likely to do things that you normally wouldn’t. This is crucial for relationships – because shared experiences and adventure are great ways for getting to know each another.

  • Less Arguing, More Communication

Arguments are a real part of a relationship, whether it is a committed or a noncommittal one. When you get stressed and struggle to resolve the differences calmly, you tend to raise your voices and say bad things to your loved ones. CBD oil has a great way of diffusing most arguments. It can even help prevent arguments in the first place.

  • Improved Intimacy and Sex

Cannabis use is linked to more improved sex and increased pleasure from sexual encounters. There have been many studies that confirm the positive effects of CBD oil on sexual health. For example, according to Green State, the natural endocannabinoid system of your body is the key in regulating things like homeostasis, relaxation, pain, and pleasure. When it’s activated by the cannabinoids in CBD oil, it can leave you feeling relaxed with decreased pain and increased pleasure. This can make sex more enjoyable as it leads to increased arousal.