For those who are starting up a medical marijuana or cannabis business, attending a marijuana business conference is an ideal way to learn more about the industry, network with other businesses and suppliers, and see the latest in new technology. What follows are a few cannabis conference events that may be of interest to you.

Women Grow Leadership Summit: June 6th & 7th, Washington D.C.

A weekend designed for women in the cannabis industry to meet, network, and learn more about how to run their businesses. This cannabis conference features seminars, breakout discussions, and exhibitions from leaders in the industry who share their experiences. This is a great opportunity for women business owners to get together, create networking connections, and find out the latest products and techniques in this field.

CannaGrow Expo: August 17th & 18th, Palm Springs, California

Designed around the art and science of growing cannabis, this expo is designed for growers, managers, extractors, and those who want to get into the marijuana industry. With more than 35 educational sessions from those who grow marijuana, you will create important networking connections with cultivators from around the world. The more than 125 booths in the expo hall will demonstrate the latest tools, technology, and techniques for growing and extracting cannabis.

Cannaone Bizcon & Expo: August 26th – 28th, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, this three-day event is one of the larger cannabis-focused expos. Featuring a wide variety of conference workshops, operations, marketing, licensure, and other important topics, you will get the complete experience in terms of how to start, run, and grow your cannabis business. Plus, you will meet many in the industry to create networking opportunities, so you can keep learning after you go back home.

International Cannabis Business Conference: September 15th & 16th, Vancouver, British Columbia

Covering a wide range of events from leaders in the industry around the world, this is the marijuana business conference that pulls together experts from many different nations. There are many seminars that focus on the health and future of cannabis, including how to run and improve your own business while staying in line with the law.

Cannabis Quality Conference & Expo: October 1st – 3rd, Schaumburg, Illinois

This is a cannabis conference dedicated to demonstrating safe, high-quality solutions in growing cannabis. The conference itself will demonstrate new techniques in terms of lab testing and getting the highest quality of product in your manufacturing process. This is a great way to learn more about how science and technology are changing the cannabis industry. Plus, you can network with fellow cannabis business owners while learning about new solutions to improve the cost efficiency of your company while emphasizing quality and effectiveness of your product.

Attending a marijuana business conference not only demonstrates how widespread the cannabis industry is in the US. It also allows you to find out information, create connections with other women in the industry, and learn more about new technology, techniques, and ways to run your company. That’s why you should schedule a cannabis conference when you can to help you grow in the business.