Marijuana is popularly known as weed, and it is a drug which is taken from a plant named Cannabis. It was initially used as fabric in China and Japan. Cannabis is also mentioned in Indian Vedas as an ancient drug. The Assyrians came to know about the psychotic character of the drug from the Aryans. The leaves of the plant are dried, and it is consumed in many ways. People usually smoke weed, and they also add it to cookies, brownies etc. It is like a psychotic drug, and it is used for both medical and recreational use. Though it is used for medical purpose, many countries have banned the use of marijuana as it seems to have a harmful effect when people start to consume it on a large scale.

Short term side effects:

Some of the short-term side effects include memory loss, anxiety, feeling that someone is watching you and this may lead to paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, increased heart rate and blood pressure, hallucinations etc.

Due to the increased heartbeat, you have more chances to have heart attacks, and you will also have problems with coordinating yourself. Marijuana lowers the testosterone level in men, and it changes the menstrual cycle in females.

Long term side effects:

If a person starts to use marijuana at an early stage, their IQ is said to be affected, and this will lead to poor performance in school and teens who smoke weed have a higher chance of dropping out of school.  They will not be able to think properly, and they will be unable to do many complex tasks. As they are not able to do anything properly, the satisfaction in life will be less. Thus they will start to take more drugs to make them feel rewarded and pleasured; this causes addiction, and this could lead to antisocial behaviour, and a people who are exposed to marijuana are more likely to end with no jobs, and their dependence on welfare is increased.

Withdrawal symptoms:

When you stop taking marijuana, you may face many setbacks, and it will be tough for you not to consume the drug. You will have to face anxiety, stomach pain, insomnia, decreased appetite and irritation.

Medical usage:


Studies have shown that cannabis can have medical properties, but there are not many details that cannabinoids can be used to treat diseases. However, there is limited evidence that these leaves can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting sensations. Some studies show that cannabis can prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. People with HIV take marijuana to increase their appetite. It is also used to treat pain and muscle spasm. But due to its harmful features, many countries have made it illegal.