In times past, getting information about cannabis used to be one herculean task. Partly because marijuana used to (and still is) a sensitive topic.You would have to go the extra mile to obtain any vital information about this drug. All of that was because cannabis and Marijuana were prohibited in most parts of the world especially the United States.

Nevertheless, as many states in the US continues to legalize cannabis, the amount of products, services, and information available to customers continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Many thanks to the rate of technological advancements today. From the comfort of your sitting room or workplace, you can search and get any information you need around the world with your mobile phone. Cannabis has also benefitted from such improvements.

Cannabis (or cannabis sativa) is a dominant plant. Sedatives, intoxicating and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared from various parts of this plant. The purified resin of the cannabis plant is mainly used for medicinal purposes rather than for any intoxicating effects.

Mobile apps are now an essential part of our daily lives. We depend on them for almost everything. From learning, getting information, relationships to getting entertained, the list is endless. There is a mobile app for every industry, individual, niche to even the creepiest thing you can imagine. Well, let’s not go there for now.

According to research, 52% of Americans use their mobile phones to gather health-related information. With your iPhone, you can get any information whatsoever as regards cannabis by using the iOS store.

Below are some favorite iPhone bar apps for cannabis lovers and the bar scene. For the weed lovers amongst us, the following cannabis apps is a convenient way to get high legally with your iPhone. Yeah, you heard that right. They are the best go-to apps for weed enthusiasts and lovers.


According to Greenspace, their primary mission is to connect “green minds.” Their goal is to help people from every part of the world meet for any cannabis related activities. They also hope to join the cannabis community with 420 business, institutions and more.


Massroots is the social networking site for cannabis lovers. It is like the Facebook of weed if I can say that. They claim to have more than one million registered users as at the last count.

This social networking platform allows its users to interact and connect with one another. Just like most social networks, users can post photos and videos of their favorite pots.

They can also follow various marijuana dispensaries. Massroots is a big company owing to their ability to move for an IPO on some occasions. Want to get this app? It’s available in the Apple iOS store.


This particular mobile app aims to help users cultivate and grow marijuana legally and conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

With its powerful chatbot technology in play, WeGrow helps to connect the bar scene including users to experienced and professional cultivators for guidance and assistance.

Another exciting feature of this iPhone app is the use of a particular kind of bot called the GrowBot. Elle, which is the name of the bot, interacts with users on a personal level.

The bot can also answer questions relating to growing cannabis. If you’re having a difficult time in cultivating some marijuana, try this app for some form of directions.

This app can handle some relevant information that should be considered before planting-like temperature, equipment, and nutrients for optimum plant growth.

Launched only three years ago, WeGrow is steadily increasing in stature and acceptance With over 8000 downloads in the Apple iOS store and thousands of conversations with growers; this is one app you should have.


This app is similar to WeGrow but different in various aspects. For weed lovers who intend to grow their legal marijuana plant at home, GrowBuddy provides an alternative.

GrowBuddy comes with a “grow journal.” A grow journal enables users to track and measure their plants’ progress at all times. This will ensure you don’t end up with a malnourished or dying plant.

When you need a go-to buddy to help with your daily farm operations, your help is an app away. It is also available on the iOS iPhone.


Welcome to the Uber of Cannabis according to many schools of thought. The reason Eaze compares to Uber is not far-fetched. It is a marijuana delivery app.

By helping medical marijuana dispensaries deliver products to their customers, Eaze bridges the gap between producers and consumers.

However, the app makes it clear that the licensed dispensaries that work with the company are the ones that handle all the cannabis.


If Eaze is known as the Uber of marijuana, then Leafly should be called the Yelp of marijuana due to the apparent similarities. With an extensive database of cannabis strains, it helps users to pick out a particular type of weed based on how they want to feel.

It provides users with options regarding the symptoms they want to combat and the type of drink they can take with it. In this bar app, you can filter by price, menu items, user reviews and store items.


Just like the name, this bar scene app allows users to search for nearby marijuana dispensaries. Call it the Google map of Marijuana dispensary, and it won’t be far from the truth.

Similar to Yelp, it also enables users to see photos and pricing options for the available strains on sale. Get reviews from other users even with the help of the app.


How about some fun among weed lovers. There is love in the air courtesy of HighThere app. This presents an opportunity for some cannabis-friendly romance with your fellow stoners.

No wonder it is referred to by many as the “Tinder for stoners” which is unsurprising though. HighThere seeks to bring together cannabis users and enthusiasts from different works of life with each other in a friendly environment.

Devoid of any form of judgment, this bar app enables you to interact with individuals of like minds and share your thoughts and opinions.

The app matches about 150,000 of its users based on interests, age, location including their preferred method of consuming cannabis.


Another social networking app for the pleasure of stoners. Users are free to share their various cannabis moments and activities while connecting with fellow smokers. Share photos, videos, and messages with members anonymously.


This cannabis iOS app is similar to Weed map, though there are some deals here that you can’t find anywhere. A reason why you should consider giving it a try. Downloading on iPhone is free.

420 APP

This is another exciting app for marijuana lovers. Get seen and hooked by fellow marijuana members. An exciting feature of this bar app is the use of the right or left swiping method for matchmaking.

If you think only Tinder knows how to do it best, think again because the 420 app is a fantastic app according to the number of reviews it has garnered on the famous iOS store.


MJ provides up to date news and information for stoners. Users who need information from various cannabis news sources around the world will not be disappointed. You also get to hear reviews and stories from fellow pot users.



Weedly is a cannabis directory that helps its users find the best marijuana stores around them. Presently, it supports ten city destinations.

Some of them include Los Angeles, Portland, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Barcelona. Weedly also helps users find good local coffee shops, clubs, and doctors in addition to marijuana dispensaries.


Fun time! Cannabis lovers who are looking for some form of entertainment can engage in this fun and exciting game.

The cannabis industry is still evolving giving rise to more opportunities for more bar apps. Whatever questions you may have regarding cannabis and the use of Marijuana are sure to be answered by these apps. Thanks to these lovely apps which serves as an excellent directory for any cannabis related issue.

The legal cannabis industry is a potential billion dollar business. If you decide to delve into it, the profits will come in their numbers as long as you play the right card. There are numerous iPhone apps for cannabis bars and the most popular ones focus on classification, information, use, and recreation (e.g., games),

If your dream is to become a ganja farmer by growing a patch by the corner of your backyard, you’re undoubtedly covered. Want to be in the know about current Marijuana related news and stories, no problem. These Cannabis bar apps above have been carefully selected to cater for any specific need.

Mobile cannabis applications are increasing at a rapid pace. The way things are at the moment, we’re sure to see new applications arriving soon. This is as a result of investors becoming more comfortable with the idea of cannabis. And see the untapped potential that this up and coming industry has to offer.