Natural-fiber rugs are a great addition to your home décor. The style, color, and hemp fiber just make it perfect for all types of floors. They can be used in different spaces and play out differently. You can match the natural-fiber area rugs with other decoration pieces in your home. Here, we have found a few ways in which you can use these area rugs. Have a look:

Natural Fiber Rugs
Natural Fiber Rug

1- Use area rugs in open spaces

Open areas in your home, especially the lounge offers you large spaces to set your home furniture, but it can be more divided and looked better if you put a dark-bordered area rug within the sitting space. Consider putting the area rug in a center with chairs and couch in its surrounding. You can put the table in the center as well. Compliment the color of hemp fiber rug with the furniture and wall color.

2- Use sisal on the entry areas

The busiest places of home are usually the entrance and the kitchen, and a hemp fiber rug won’t last here because there is much more possibility of dirt than anywhere else in your home. But you can put the sisal natural-fiber rug there. These area rugs are made up of natural fiber which is stronger than jute and seas grass. It is durable than the wool rugs and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

3- Try the Herringbone in your bedroom

A medium sized area rug can be used in your bedroom. But the herringbone patterned rugs that are made from jute are a real treat in your bedroom especially when you put your bare feet on it. These hemp fiber rugs are soft and really catch your eye for the decoration. This herringbone pattern can be blend with any bold interior as well.

4- Use Natural-fiber rugs to protect your floors
It is no secret that flooring is very expensive and we don’t want to ruin it. Natural-fiber rugs are durable and they can protect your floors from damage. These herringbone rugs also come in various geometrical designs. Keep an eye out for great geometrical designs and lay them off in your house. This will create nice flooring protection and will look quite stunning.

5- Try coir mat for outdoors
When you have all-natural hemp fiber mats all around the house then it is time to choose for the outdoors. Outdoors can be quite windy, wet, or hot and they require some sort of weather resistant mat. Instead of synthetic fiber, try the coir mats. These are made from coconut husk and they are durable and kind of weather resistant. This would be the perfect choice for the outdoors.