Jersey City Marijuana

The huge property in the Jersey City that was expected to be used for bowling and brewing would now be used for an entirely different purpose. According to the New york Daily News the premises is expected to be used for manufacturing marijuana for medical purposes and then distributing it further on to people who need it. The resolution of the Jersey City states that a state license to grow, manufacture, cultivate, and dispense marijuana will be issued and this would be done in the property of the Liberty State Park.

The resolution was proposed on July 16 and is subject to redevelopment as per the agreement between the developing party and the agency. The current dispensary for medical marijuana is located Secaucus which is closest to the city of Jersey’s. The CEO of the Nuka properties has stated that they aim to start the project by 2020 and are just waiting for the state to issue the licenses as soon as possible.


Jersey City Marijuana

The JCRA stands for Jersey City Redevelopment Agency and this was the agency whose members passed on the resolution. As per the resolution the developing party is called Nuka Properties and is affiliated by the liberty plant sciences. Nuka property is associated with one of the most famous marijuana edible chocolate company in Colorado. This property near the liberty sciences would become the manufacturing hub of medical marijuana and people from all over the city will come there to learn more about cannabis.

The JCRA highlights few important negotiations done between the developing party and the agency. One of those was: JCRA is interested to enter in to an agreement with the redevelopment agency as it helps to achieve the goals and objectives of the redevelopment plan. Michael Dorian proposed the idea of turning the premises in to a brewpub, rooftop, or bowling place but this project was never completed. According to the records the proposal to convert the premises in to a bowling alley was unable to get completed because the contract was sold to the Nuka Properties.

Jersey City

Peter Barsoom said they aim to design the dispensary in such a way to make sure that highest quality and standard of marijuana is manufactured. The doctors, patients, cultivators, and regulators are well-trained and do not do anything that compromise with the quality and standard of the production.

Furthermore, he says that he marijuana that will be cultivated here for medicinal purposes will be provided to the entire world. 5% of the resources will be invested in researching whereas 5% would be used to develop he community further. It is also believed that this would increase employment and provide amazing job opportunities to the people of Jersey. Mayor Steve Fulop believes that once the license is issued people will be hired and trained and this would be an exciting opportunity for them to learn and experience something new.


Although the planning seems good and everything is planned manufacturing of medical marijuana in Jersey City still has a long way to go.