As more cannabis products make their way legally to stores across the US, the cannabis vape pen has become one of the top sellers. Cannabis oil for vape pens has been a source of controversy and confusion as the myriad of state laws has muddled what many people think is either legal or illegal about this product. Another issue is what type of vape pen for cannabis use is best for your needs. From knowing what amounts of THC work best to understanding some of the terminology such as “terpene”, it can be quite confusing when shopping for the right vape pen and cannabis oil.

But the question that is most often asked is how can you manage the feeling of being high with a cannabis vape pen? The answer is not as complicated as you might believe.

How Much THC is Enough?
Although marijuana is considerably stronger today compared to decades ago, the amount of THC present does not mean you get a better feeling of being high. This is because the effects of THC are augmented by the presence of terpenes. So, a combination of 80% THC with 10% terpene creates a stronger feeling compared to 90% THC.

Just What is Terpene?
Terpene is the oil found in most plants and serves a wide range of purposes from releasing scents to attracting insects. In terms of both cannabis and cannabidiol or CBD, terpenes are often mixed with the products to produce a specific effect. In fact, CBD can help activate terpenes which means you may be able to regulate your “high” to a greater degree. However, your nose may be a better indicator of what terpene combination works for you compared to what is recommended.

As many who have used marijuana on a regular basis probably know, the two main strains associated with cannabis are sativa and indica. While both have their reputations, the truth is that knowing one from the other is not that important. The most pertinent difference between the strains is the appearance of the cannabis plant itself. Otherwise, you’ll mostly find a combination of both strains in most cannabis products which means it doesn’t matter much.

Another area that needs to be discussed in the amount of fillers put into the product. Cheap, low quality cannabis oil will often have useless fillers that take away from the effect. Plus, certain types of fillers that may work well in tinctures do not translate to vape pens. So, keep in mind the amount of fillers in the product you purchase. Just as with most things in life, you will have to engage in trial and error to find the one that works best for you.

Just as smokers tend to choose the same brand, so too do those who vape cannabis oil tend to find the combination that works best for their specific needs. A cannabis vape pen offers a clean, simple means of inhaling THC. While you should be careful of the manufacturer and the medical reports indicating that a small number of people have suffered from serious health issues. For the most part cannabis oil for vape pens is safe if you keep things under control.