Most of us might have heard that pod is good for our health and it is said that at least one in three people in America has consumed marijuana in their life. However, small dosages might not cause any harmful effects but when you start to consume the drug on a regular basis; it can start to have many adverse effects on your body and mind.

The following are some of the harmful effects of Marijuana:

Physical effects:

There is a compound called as THC in marijuana, and our body absorbs that compound as soon as you start to smoke weed. Weed can also be added to cookies or cakes and also to tea, and when you take pod in that form, our body absorbs pod at a slower rate. THC compound is very harmful to our body as it affects almost all the parts of our body. It also affects your nervous system and immune system. You might have the effect of smoking weed for about 3 to 4 hours.

Your heart rate starts to increase, and your blood pressure lowers; this is the reason why some people have heart attacks when they smoke weed. It also affects the blood sugar rate in the body.

Some of the other effects of Marijuana are dilation of the pupil causing redness of the eye, Dry mouth, dizziness and increased appetite. Just like other drugs marijuana also has withdrawal symptoms if a person is trying to quit.

Mental effects:

People tend to smoke weed as it gives them the sense of pleasure and it makes them feel happy and relaxed for a moment. But when you consume it on a regular basis you will start to have a distorted sense of time and start to feel anxious about everything. You will begin to think about everything randomly, have paranoia and also be depressed. Prolonged usage of marijuana can even cause short team forgetfulness.


Risk factors:

Marijuana has some good compounds which can heal many diseases in the body, but one needs to be concerned about the THC compound. You need to be bothered about the amount of the THC compound present in the leaf. Initially, the compound was only about 1 to 4 %, but now studies have shown that THC is about 7% in Marijuana.

Try to buy it from a legal store if you are concerned about your health, but you need to check the amount of THC compound that is present in marijuana. Heavy dosages of the drug can cause diabetes and liver diseases. It can also lower the testosterone levels in a man and decrease the sperm count. It also alters the menstrual cycle in women. Studies have shown that parents who smoke weed might have children who are born with congenital disabilities. Long-term consumption can also make mental disorders worse. Know More