There are different treatments for wood available on the marketplace, but few have the natural qualities and benefits of furniture hemp oil. From your 3 piece table set to your wooden floors, end tables, media cabinet, industrial tables, and other furnishing made from wood, hemp oil provides excellent protection that extends the life of the items in your home that are crafted from wood.

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have made their furnishings from wood. Wood is a natural material that can be easily shaped, yet it is resilient, strong, and quite versatile. You can even find wood being used today in modern furniture design. However, the one issue with wood is that it’s vulnerable to being stained or discolored because of its porous surface and interior. Left untreated, wood can become difficult to keep clean and even start to rot if the moisture is not treated properly.

Hemp oil manages to counter the effects of moisture seeping into the surface of the wood and provide a layer of protection that lasts for a long time.

How Hemp Oil Works

When you use hemp oil on your dining set, floors, or other items made from wood, it sinks in through the porous surface and fills up the gaps so that dirt, debris, and moisture cannot easily penetrate. Hemp oil is part of the family of drying oils, which means that the oil itself will dry and harden once it penetrates the surface of the wood relatively quickly.

You’ll notices that it does dry on the surface of the wood within minutes of application. However, it will take about a month before it fully dries in the wood. During that time, you may touch the surface and feel that it seems a bit oily, but only in small amounts since most of it has penetrated the wood. You can brush on the oil after cleaning the surface to remove any dust, dirt, or debris. Once applied, the hemp oil will sink into the wood and dry, leaving no film or residue on the surface.

Remember to apply just enough hemp oil to do the job as any excess will have to be cleaned from the surface. The oil works on any wooden product that has not been painted. Plus, using a brush instead of a cloth means getting into the grains better, so that the wood is more thoroughly protected.


There are numerous advantages to using hemp oil to protect your items made from wood, starting with the relative affordability of the oil itself. Hemp oil is natural oil and available in most stores and shops that offer products to protect wood. Since hemp oil has been used for many years, it is relatively available and affordable, so you can protect your items without having to pay through the nose.

Water Resistance: Moisture is one of the most damaging elements, especially when it penetrates the surface and seeps deep into the wood itself. Left unchecked, the moisture will start to rot away the wood and allow the growth of bacteria, mold, and other damaging organisms which accelerates the process. Hemp oil seals the surface to help prevent water penetration and denies a ready source of oxygen from the air, so that the damaging organisms do not have enough to survive.

Preserves Coloring: The color of the wood can become dull or faded over time due to several factors. The hemp oil slows the process of discoloration to protect the look of the wood itself. This means that your dining set, flooring, hardwood cabinet, and other house furnishings made from wood will keep their original appearance thanks to the hemp oil. While the initial application of the oil will make the wood seem darker at first, that will fade as the oil dries.

All Natural: Because hemp oil is natural, it has no artificial ingredients or properties that might in the long run damage the very wood you are trying to protect. For those who want to protect their wood furnishings, it brings peace of mind knowing that the products you use are not affecting the wood in a negative way. However, what may be even more important is that hemp oil does not release properties into the air that might affect the health of those who live or work inside. Because it is natural, it is also safe to use and does not present the danger that other, artificially-created wood protection products are made.

No Film: As mentioned before, hemp oil does not leave any film or residue on the surface once it fully dries. Within minutes of application, it will feel dry on the surface, although you may notice that it feels a bit oily over the next 30 days. Once that time has passed, the hemp oil inside your wooden floors, dining set, end table, and other furnishings made of wood will have fully dried, leaving no film or residue behind.

About the only downside is that up to 30 days after applying hemp oil, you will feel a little oil or oily texture on the surface. The feeling will be slight and often not leave any other trace, but it is there so you will need to be a bit careful sitting on wood that has been treated with hemp oil wearing delicate clothing. For most casual clothes, there will be little to no staining and what small amounts of oil are transferred can be easily washed away. However, delicate clothing may be more vulnerable, so you will need to be careful for up to a month.

In the end, hemp oil is one of the best natural protection products for wood. It works wonderfully on all types of wood-based furnishing from your TV cabinet to the wood credenza, bar cart, dining set, and even art deco modern furniture. If you are looking for a fast, effective, and safe product to use which protects your wood furnishings and flooring, then hemp oil is one of the best.