Cannabis concentrates have become quite popular over the years. Shatter, in particular, is what most CBD enthusiasts are interested in and many new CBD users are eager to learn to smoke it properly. If you are one of them, then this guide is for you. It provides information regarding what CBD shatter is, how it is made, and how to smoke it properly for a more enjoyable experience.

What is CBD Shatter?
CBD shatter is one of the most popular CBD concentrate extracts available on the market. It is well-known for its distinct, sharp taste as well as long-lasting effects. CBD shatter is also known for its grass-like, solid structure that tends to break – hence its name. These features make shatter ideal for individuals looking to try high-potency cannabis. The THC amount in CBD shatter is usually very high and it varies from one product to another. Generally, most CBD concentrates contain over 50% of THC.

How is CBD Shatter Made?
CBD shatter is made during a specific extraction process where a shatter liquidizer is used to extract trichomes, tiny bumps that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Next, any residue is removed via low-level heat so that the final product can be formed. This procedure is used to ensure the highest shatter quality, but it doesn’t determine how clear it will be. When it comes to shatter texture and clarity, there are a number of different factors that play a key role, but the general rule is – the higher the quality of source materials, the better the shatter.

Why Smoke CBD Shatter?
CBD concentrates are widely used for a number of reasons. According to a survey, about 36.5% of all cannabis users are of the concentrate kind that regularly use concentrates. These include CBD shatter as well. There are a number of key benefits and reasons to smoke CBD shatter. These include:

Therapeutic Purposes

• Pain
• Anxiety
• Sleep disorders e.g. insomnia

Recreational Purposes

• To create comfort in insecure situations
• Simple pleasure and enjoyment
• Safer than alcohol

What Are the Different Methods to Smoke Shatter?
There are a number of different methods to smoke shatter. The most effective methods include using a shatter liquidizer and vape pen, the hot knifing method, water pipe, and smoking it out of a joint.

CBD Shatter – Some Tips to Follow

Following are some tips you should follow when it comes to smoking CBD shatter:

• Always smoke shatter responsibly. CBD shatter comes with a high potency of THC, so it’s better to start with smaller doses.

• Never use a car lighter to smoke your shatter. It’s way too risky.

• Always get your concentrate from a reputable source. A low-quality shatter can be harmful to health, so it’s a risk not worth taking.

Now that you are familiar with shatter and know the different methods to smoke it, you can start enjoying its benefits. Each of the above-listed methods are effective and as long as you follow the tips accordingly, you will certainly have a vaping blast.