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When you cook your own cannabis-infused edibles, you can save money. It can also be a fun activity for you to cook cannabis edibles and/or make chocolate edibles at home.

You can make canna oil to use in cooking in the future or dabble in difficult recipes like cannabis lattes, sugar, or cannabis chocolates. While cooking cannabis edibles, you may make some mistakes.

So, what are the common mistakes when cooking cannabis edibles? And how can you avoid them? Keep reading this post in order to get the most out of it!

Cooking With Raw Cannabis

We all know that THC produces psychoactive effects. However, do you know that raw cannabis does not have the activated THC? If you don’t know, then yes, it is inactivated in raw cannabis. Also, it requires heat activate.

When you use raw cannabis in cooking, it may not give you the result you had desired for. Raw cannabis may not also bind to the fat in the food. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid using raw cannabis because it will just be like throwing raw bud into the recipe. You will certainly waste the cannabis – with not getting the desired end-product.

chocolate edibles

Using too much cannabis

Always try to use an appropriate amount of cannabis to be mixed with edibles. While cooking cannabis edibles, it is best to follow a recipe in order to avoid any inconveniences. The experiment of cooking cannabis edibles must not go awry.

At the same time, it is important to know that you don’t need the highest-quality product to cook cannabis edibles. You can use shake, leaves, mixed bud to cook a delicious edible or make mouthwatering chocolate edibles.

Grinding Cannabis too fine

cannabis edibles

Most people think that in order to get the most out of it, it is better to grind the cannabis fine. Their belief is that the grinded cannabis will blend well with the recipe.

However, be aware that this is not the case. When you grind the cannabis too fine, it can actually change the taste of the bud. For instance, some people say that too much grinding gave them grassy flavor, which is unpleasant and strong in most edibles.

So, grinding it too fine can give your chocolate edible a greener appearance, which will look a bit funny and ugly to eat. It is, therefore, important to get information about how should you grind the buds so that they go well with your edibles.

Using High-Temperature

It is recommended to cook cannabis edibles on low temperatures. Although THC breakdown completely at 200 degrees Celsius, it will already start to breakdown at lower temperatures.

cannabis edibles

Therefore, we advise you to avoid cranking up the heat too much. It is also advisable to add water to the cannabis edible recipes – as the boiling temperature of the water is 100 degrees Celsius. Closely observe the temperate while cooking cannabis edibles or making chocolate edibles. Avoid using canna oil for frying!

In conclusion, when you avoid making the aforementioned mistakes, you can have a delicious cannabis edible that is likewise beneficial for your health. Good luck!