Since the early 19th century, marijuana as a medicinal plant has been facing incessant backlashes despite that it has been shown to possess medicinal properties. CBD oil businesses are fighting consistently to avoid conflict of their operation with the regulatory and legal frameworks.

Many of them face the challenge of the inability to market their products due to the ban placed on marijuana as a drug by the USA federal government. The federal laws prevent the research of the efficacy of the CBD oil despite that it has been shown by researchers from other countries that it is safe and has pharmaceutical benefits.

Even at this, the recognition and legalization of cannabis are gathering weight across the country. As the day goes by more states are signing into law the use of cannabis as a medicine.

The cannabis market is very fragile and this affects its advertising and marketing which has been a huge disadvantage to it. This is after the advertising firms have disassociated themselves with the marketing of cannabis, as it is federally illegal.

Recently, the public relations firms in the United States of America are playing vital roles and making consistent efforts to change the overall frame of thinking towards marijuana. They perform this function based on their belief that the cannabis industry is an innovative and legal one. It is also seen as one of the many ways of enhancing the lives of the people living in a community.

CBD Oil Public Relations

Public relations is the most effective way for cannabis companies to gain huge recognition of their brands. Public relations is the practice by a group of or an organization to manage the dispersal of information by a business to the public. They are different from advertising firms in the sense that most of them create awareness without seeking direct payment. They create coverage for cannabis firms without asking for payment in return.

For the cannabis industry to gain success, it has to gain a right place in the media, which in turn widens its recognition and promotes its growth. The sole objective of public relation firms is to inform stakeholders, consumers, prospective consumers, partners, investors and employees and persuade them to maintain a positive stance about an industry or organization such as the cannabis industry. In a whole CBD oil, public relations firms help to spread the word, eliminate poor publicity, and promote the growth of a CBD oil business.

Best CBD Oil Public Relation Firms

In the United States of America, over 50 influential public relations firms are contributing immensely to establish the value of CBD oil. Many companies are investing in cannabis public relations firms to instigate the growth of their brand. The appropriate CBD oil public relations firm will be able to spread the word about your vision, message, and brand to your prospective audience.

The following CBD oil public relations firms are some of the best that cannabis companies can find around to cement their vision in the society.

Proven Media

One of them is Proven Media. This public relations firm led by CEO Kim Prince has nearly a decade years of experience in this niche. It is a full-service public relations firm for recognized marijuana companies by law. One of their watchwords is to help clients build credibility about their brand in a bid to outdo their competitors.

Evan Nison, Nison Co.

Evan Nison founded this CBD oil public relations firm. It has grown into a formidable CBD oil public relations firm as it has over 1,800 active relationships with the media mainstreams such as NBC New York, Bloomberg TV, NY Times, USA Today, Forbes and many more. It also has thousands of reviewers that report on cannabis. This firm in 2016, helped make Whoopi & Maya, women based medical cannabis company to see the light of the day. In 2017, it had over 1,200 published stories regarding cannabis use for clients. Evans Nison, Nison Co. is an influential advocate for the CBD oil.

KCSA Strategic Communications

KCSA Strategic Communications for more than five years has been working with cannabis clients. They represent over a dozen private and public cannabis companies and are well experienced regarding the strategy to help move the cannabis industry forward. In 2017, they achieved a landmark as they helped over 86% of cannabis companies to rake in a huge amount of revenue in the third quarter of the year.

The Rosen Group

The Rosen Group was established in 1984 and has it’s headquarter situated in New York City. This CBD oil public relations firm has been advocating for the approval of cannabis as a medicine at the national level since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado. It works with cannabis companies that include cannabis dispensaries, cultivators and infused food products and partners major media outlets and mainstream to spread the word about the cannabis as a drug.

How to Do Public Relations for CBD Oil

Public relations for CBD oil is done by forming of a partnership between the media and the public relations firms. CBD oil has to be introduced to the public and win the impressions of the audience. This can be done effectively through the media.

The public relations firms collaborate with media mainstreams to ensure that there is coverage of the cannabis industry to spread the word concerning it across to a massive audience, which is done exceedingly. The CBD oil public relations firms orchestrate revolutions on the perception surrounding CBD oil for medicinal usage.