As medical marijuana is growing more popular across the country, there is considerable research being done on the effects of cannabidiol or CBD. The use of CBD for anxiety and pain is growing in popularity as more people are discovering its benefits.

The progress of CBD oil has been rapid as the spread of both marijuana legalization and for medical use only has become popular in the US. While the addictive properties of THC have held back many from trying marijuana as a treatment, this new version appears to bypass such concerns because it removes THC from the mixture.

CBD for Anxiety

How CBD Works

The answer is not a simple one as researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how the substance works to relieve the effects of pain and anxiety. However, the small amount of animal research that has been done indicates that CBD oil exudes primary qualities that are anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory.

The oil itself offers several actions that affect the brain without the psychotropic properties of THC. It is believed that the oil boosts the signaling that occurs in the serotonin receptors which help reduce anxiety and start the process of pain relief. While many prescription medications also target the serotonin system, the CBD oil appears to have a milder, yet potent effect.

The anti-inflammatory properties are the ones that help reduce certain types of pain, such as from arthritis where the swelling the joints is the primary cause of discomfort. While there are other types of products, including natural ones that contain anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil works quickly and is easy to administer with a dropper on the tongue.

The effects of the oil work for those who have long-term issues with anxiety along with short-term ones, such as social anxiety disorder. Taking a few drops before speaking in public or overcoming a social fear has become one of the more popular uses for this product. While using it in this manner may not be the best approach for most people, unlike taking a drink or some type of medication, CBD oil does not appear to have the strong addictive properties of alcohol or certain types of prescriptions.

Why Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

There is considerable appeal to the use of CBD oil to treat anxiety and pain for several reasons, starting with the fact that it does not alter the mind as marijuana. This is because CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive property of marijuana which gets you high. Because CBD does not have this compound, it has considerable appeal to those looking for alternatives to traditional medications.

Availability: In states that have approved marijuana or medical marijuana, CBD oil may be easy to find. This means that you will need to shop the stores that contain the substance to see which ones in your community carry the product. However, it may not be available in states that still ban marijuana even though it does not contain THC.

Stress Relief: Even without the THC, the CBD oil for anxiety does offer properties that lower stress levels and cause natural relaxation to occur. While many who take the oil do so for temporary stress relief that does not contain THC, it has proven to be effective for those who suffer from anxiety.

Non-Addictive: As the opioid crisis sweeps the nation, it has led to the growing popularity of CBD which does not have addictive qualities. Plus, the mild effect of the product means that it does not interfere with concentration or alter the mind which also provides benefits. As people are looking for alternatives to opioids which have proven to be dangerously addictive, CBD oil offers a strong alternative.

Easy to Use: CBD oil can be carried on your person or stored in your home and used when needed. The oil itself is administered through an eye dropper that deposits a small amount on your tongue. Depending on the purity and strength, only a few drops are needed, and the results will be felt in a short time.

It should be noted that research is still in the early stages, so there are no conclusive studies or long-term observations that have been made. However, it does appear that the CBD oil for anxiety and pain does fall along similar lines as those who have used marijuana, but without the THC content. As concerns grow over the use of opioids and other strong medications that have proven side effects, the interest in this oil as a safer alternative has grown as well.

CBD for Anxiety

Quality Control

Keep in mind that while CBD oil for anxiety is effective in stress and pain relief, it is considered a regulated supplement, not a medication. While this means that you can purchase CBD where it is legal in an over-the-counter form instead of a prescription, there is no uniformity to the strength or purity of the product. This means that you need to be careful about where you get your CBD product to ensure that it offers the right purity and strength for your needs.

It should be noted that CBD oil is not a cure all nor does it work in all cases, particularly for those who may have severe anxiety, chronic pain, or strong addiction to other substances such as opioids. Plus, it is designed for occasional use, not daily use even though it does not have the addictive properties of marijuana. This is because the research is still in the early stages. While there is no evidence that the oil causes harmful side-effects to any real degree, it’s overall effects are still not fully understood. But having said that, it appears that this substance is suitable for most people without worry of having an unwanted side effect.

For occasional use in the stress and pain relief, CBD oil for anxiety is proving to be quite effective and growing in popularity. The overall effects are mild, pleasant, and there are few unwanted side-effects which makes it a good alternative to medications that are more addictive in nature.