Cannabis is widely known to aid in the treatment of various disabling conditions and more and more studies worldwide are confirming its amazing effects on the human body. One of the biggest breakthroughs has been in the treatment of epileptic seizures.

What is Epilepsy?
Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder characterized by loss of convulsions and consciousness. The disorder produces abnormal, intense electrical activity in the brain, which may cause seizures. So, the seizures caused by epilepsy (known as epileptic seizures) are because of the issues in the brain and not due to the temporary medical conditions, e.g. a high fever.

Cannabis Nasal Spray Stops an Epileptic Seizure
Cannabis nasal sprays are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness for treating various nasal allergies and inflammation and now they have proven to stop an epileptic seizure as the footage of their effectiveness has been caught on camera.

WFTS (the affiliate of ABC) in Tampa Bay, was discussing the use of cannabis and CBD with patients. The team was researching the positive effects of the medical cannabis law in Florida. While interviewing Renee Petro, the mother of a teenager (Branden) suffering from epileptic seizures, the son started to show signs of an epileptic seizure attack. The family quickly laid the son on the carpet and the mother runs to get his nasal spray.

The speed at which the cannabis nasal spray takes effect is truly amazing. Just moments after using it, the footage shows the medication quickly taking effect and the calm and relief taking over Brenden’s mother, knowing that the sinus medication she just administered is going to help her son. Moments later, Branden goes to rest on the couch and the interview is continued.

According to the video, the cannabis nasal spray has done more for Branden than just help in his epileptic seizures. Since it is highly effective for his disorder, Petro has been able to get rid of most of her son’s prescription drugs – many of which come with various side effects.

Why Cannabis is Effective in Treating Epilepsy Seizures? Medical cannabis is an effective alternative for a laundry list of conditions and ailments, and epilepsy is one of those ailments that is highly responsive to cannabis. Many patients suffering from epilepsy as well as other similar disorders have found relief by this sinus medication. Patients who cannot tolerate other medications for seizures have been able to use cannabis to successfully control their disorder.

Medical researchers have confirmed what many patients have been claiming for years. Substances in cannabis known as cannabinoids affect cannabinoid receptors – the cells in the body. CBD or cannabidiol is one of those substances that may affect the body in a way that helps control seizures. Furthermore, cannabis also does not cause psychoactive effects unlike THC that gives you a “high”. Because of this, patients can live with fewer seizures without having to deal with the psychoactive effects if they prefer to avoid it.