Reports say that cannabis plants are loaded with approximately 60 chemical compounds and they are better known as cannabinoids. These molecules get attached to the specific endocannabinoid receptors; essentially with the immune system and brain. Cannabinoids lead several different feelings such as feeling relaxed, euphoric, or high as well. Note that, one of the most widely studied psychoactive cannabinoids in the list is THC.

Unlike THC, the CBD content does not possess any psychoactive property. So, it doesn’t get high on the user. Even many studies also reveal that CBD is capable enough to counteract the psychological effects created by THC. With this, CBD vape oil is proven as a safe solution for pets and children as well. Indeed, CBD is proven as the most trusted medically proven compound in nature.

Methods to absorb cannabis oil:
In order to feel the impact of vaping CBD oil, first, your body must absorb this compound. It means it is important to define a certain way to mix it with your bloodstream. Once it gets into the blood, the compounds can easily travel to the rest of the body while interacting with the cannabinoid receptor, CB2. At the same time, it also interacts with the non-cannabinoid receptors as like serotonin receptor 5-HT1A and vanilloid receptor TRPV-1.

How it will affect your body actually depends upon the method of consumption. In other terms, we can call it the route of administration. Studies reveal that the method of ingestion has a great impact on overall uptake, distribution, as well as the elimination of this compound from your body. Hence, one needs to be careful in selecting this method. You can add CBD vape oil to food, it can be swallowed as a tincture, one can inhale it, or it is also possible to smear it on the skin. One can choose any of these methods to avail amazing impact.

Absorption through ingestion:
The most common route for absorption of vaping CBD oil is oral administration. When you ingest this compound, it finds its way directly to the digestive system. Once it reaches your stomach, further it goes to the hepatic portal system and then it is carried to the portal vein in the liver. After this, the liver starts metabolizing the CBD molecules. This condition is well known as the first pass effect. Experts reveal that ingestion is the simplest method to absorption of CBD.

Absorption after inhalation:
If you choose to absorb CBD through inhalation, it is better to choose a good quality vaporizer. In this case, the compounds are absorbed with the help of alveoli inside the lungs that works like a large absorptive area. After alveoli, the molecules are further transferred to the bloodstream. Note that, when compared to the ingestion method, inhalation offers faster absorption of CBD vape oil.

Absorption through topical application:
You can also absorb vaping CBD oil through topical methods, that is directly through the skin. With this method, the compound does not mix into the bloodstream; rather, it can interact with the cannabinoid receptors directly through the skin surface.